Things to stop buying in 2021

Things to stop buying in 2021

Here are four things I think everyone should stop buying in 2021. Most of the items I mention bellow have very easy to use sustainable swap. Which not only help the environment but your pocket.

Bottled shampoo and conditioner

My favourite replacement for plastic bottled shampoo and conditioner are shampoo and conditioner bars. 75% to 85% of a bottled shampoo is water, so hair bars are essentially and more concentrated mixture.

Shampoo bars have between 80-100 washed per bar where as conditioner bars have slightly less washes, at 60-80 washes per bar. A bottled shampoo and conditioner usually only contains 25 washes.

Single use face mask

I have spoken about single use face masks before and how much I dislike them. They cause some much unnecessary waste and harm animals when disposed of incorrectly. A sustainable and cost-effective alternative to disposable face masks are cloth reusable face masks, these can most likely be bought from local businesses, or you can make them from fabrics scraps.

Disposable wipes

Disposable wipes are perfect for cleaning up messes, but they aren’t so good for the environment. A simple swap for them are compostable and biodegradable wipes but you can definably use reusable cloths or rags made from old t-shirts as a even more sustainable alternative that saves you money.

Laundry detergent

Laundry detergent is a chemical, so it should come as no surprise that it contains toxins that are harmful to humans and clothing. These chemicals not only can discolour fabric but they can cause skin irritations. A great eco-friendly alternative is a Ecoegg that contains no harsh chemicals, such as, petroleum-based substances, optical brighteners, bleaches, ammonia, or optimizers. The Ecoegg is still hypoallergenic.

I hope this blog showed you some sustainable swaps you had not through or heard of before. These four swaps are a great starting point for your sustainable journey.

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Sustainable kitchen swaps

Sustainable kitchen swaps

Sustainable kitchen swaps, kitchens are some of the most wasteful places in a household, but that does not have to be the case for everyone. With these simple additions to your kitchen, you can play your part to reduce the amount of waste we produce. Remember every small step helps!

1.Bamboo pot brushes

Firstly replace your plastic dishwashing brush or sponge, with a plastic-free pot brush made of bamboo and natural fiber bristles. These brushes are designed to be long-lasting but after their lifespan, you can easily dispose of them by composting them.

2. Reusable produce bags

Reusable produce bags are not used in the kitchen, but they are a great starting point in creating a low waste kitchen. Using reusable produce bags can help you start your journey to reducing your plastic consumption in your kitchen. These bags are great for carrying and after that storing your fruits, vegetables, dry produce, and bread.

3. Eco-friendly laundry detergent

You have most likely never considered the environmental impact of your laundry routine but many of us use laundry detergents that contains harmful chemicals. These chemicals are being flushed into our environment and therefore harming marine life. Switching to a natural laundry detergent that even acts as a fabric softener such as EcoEgg is great for the environment.

4. Bee’s wax wraps

Plastic wrap harms the environment greatly and replacing it with bee’s wax wraps is the best sustainable substitute. Bee’s wax wraps can easily be used by molding the wraps around food and storage containers using the heat of your palms. After use, they can easily be cleaned by rinsing under cool water.

5. Bamboo kitchen towels

Bamboo kitchen towels are a fantastic alternative to paper towels. Each sheet of the bamboo towel can be reused up to 85 times simply by washing them. This means that each roll has 1700 uses. These towels greatly reduce the volume of non-recyclable paper towels you throw away.

All the products mentioned above can be purchased on the Honey Lemon website, to help you become more sustainable and reduce the damage already done to our planet. To sum up every small change you make to your everyday lifestyle can make a huge difference.

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