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Sustainable essentials to bring with you on the go

Sustainable essentials to bring with you on the go since the hardest place to avoid single-use plastic is when you are out and about. If you want a cup of coffee, some water, or even a quick snack everything is wrapped in plastic! Here are some things you can bring with you when you are on the move to reduce your plastic consumption.

A reusable water bottle

It is always a good idea to have some water with you where ever you are. However, bringing your own water bottle is an easy way you can help the environment. Together we can reduce the number of plastic bottles that end up in our landfills and oceans.

A reusable tumbler

Most tumblers fit your average size take away coffee or tea and are double-wall insulated, unlike some reusable water bottles. This makes them perfect for keeping your hot beverages nice and warm and even your cold beverages nice and cool. These are perfect for your coffee or tea on the go.

Reusable straws

This one might seem obvious by now, but reusable straws are compact and easy to bring with you on the go. However, since straws aren’t necessary for a lot of drinks, you can refuse them if you forget to bring your reusable ones along.

Reusable shopping bags

You never know when you might need to run into the shops and buy some last minutes groceries or even some more low-waste essentials. It is always a good idea to keep a reusable grocery bag on you at all times.


Bringing Tupperware with you when you are out and about is a great idea if you are planning on eating out. They are a great alternative to the polystyrene and plastic takeaway containers most restaurants have.

A cutlery set

Having a cutlery set with you, whether it is just some cutlery from home or a bamboo set is always a good idea. It helps you avoid the single-use plastic cutlery most takeaway restaurants give you.

Living sustainably isn’t always easy, it is completely understandable to forget any of the above-mentioned items at home.  Hopefully, with a bit of practice, these will become items you can bring with you when you leave the house to reduce plastic consumption. I hope you found this blog on sustainable essentials to bring with you on the go helpful.



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