Supporting local businesses (farmers market)

Support local businesses

Support local businesses because it is a very effective way you can be sustainable. Smaller companies also tend to produce less waste. Since they responsibly source their materials and pay more attention to what they package their products in. Some of the best products to find locally are;

Fresh produce

Buying your fresh produce at local farmer’s markets is a great alternative to buying them at your local grocery store. It reduces the carbon footprint of your shopping trip since the fruits, vegetables, or even flowers have to travel significantly less of a distance to get to the market as well as avoiding or lessening the time it needs to be stored in a fridge. Plus the fruits, vegetables, and flowers are usually freshly picked for the market.


Locally owned restaurants are often the person who started its passion and is something they truly care about. The owners not only care about their restaurant and clients tremendously but they also mostly employ locals which helps the local economy.

Service providers

Some service provides to try and find locally are lawyers, accountants, veterinarians, tutors, and many others.

Local retailers

Lots of the time local retailers support local businesses by purchasing their stock, packaging, raw materials, and any other business supplies locally. Where many big chain stores tend to make use of non-local service and retailer providers.

By supporting local businesses you are also supporting the growth of your local economy and being sustainable at the same time, there is truly no reason not to support local businesses.


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