Peach Cotton Makeup Removal + Toning Pads

Peach Cotton Makeup Removal + Toning Pads


Peach Cotton Makeup Removal + Toning Pads are brilliant cleansers and exfoliators. This makes them great for the removal, of long-wear makeup. Daily Peach’s Makeup removal and toning pads are the perfect addition to your bathroom. They come in a set of 6.

Stock up on the Silver Green Bamboo Makeup Removal + Toning Pads. The bamboo pads are super gentle on sensitive parts of your face such as your eyes, this allows them to gently remove makeup all around your face.

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  • Machine Washable
  • 100% compostable
  • Hand-made in South Africa


  • Small approximately 6 cm in diameter.
  • Medium approximately 8 cm in diameter.

Care instructions:

  • When you receive your product make sure to wash them before use.
  • After every use, they should be washed.
  • Wash on a cold cycle or hand wash with laundry detergent.
  • After its life span cut into small pieces and compost.
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