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How to clean reusable menstrual products

One of the biggest concerns for people before they switch to reusable menstrual products is how they are going the clean them. I think people would be surprised to find out that reusable menstrual products are easy to clean and cleaning them does not require to you sit by the sink and scrub them.

How to clean your reusable cloth pads
  1. Rinse used pad under cold water to get out as much discharge as possible.
  2. Rub laundry detergent onto the pad until it lathers. Do not rise the pad.
  3. Allow the pad to soak in warm water for 6 to 48 hours. Change water every 12 hours.
  4. Hand wash or machine wash the pad.
  5. Hang the pad to dry.

This washing process might seem tedious but the benefits of reusable cloth pads definitely outweigh the cons. Some of the benefits of cloth pads include reduced chances of skin infections and rashes, they contain no harmful chemicals, they save you money, they help the environment and they come in beautiful patterns and designs! If you are interested in purchasing reusable cloth pads you can buy them on our website here.

How to clean menstrual cups
During your period
  1. Remove the cup and empty the blood into the toilet.
  2. Rinse it out with clean water, and use a mild, oil-free, fragrance-free soap to clean it.
  3. The cup can now be reinserted.
After your period
  1. Rinse it.
  2. Boil the cup for a few minutes
  3. Allow the cup to cool down and dry off.

Menstrual cups are probably one of the easiest reusable menstrual products to clean which makes them perfect for anyone that wouldn’t want to use reusable menstrual products because they take time to clean.


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