Our Story 

In the summer of 2018, I stumbled across a small sustainable store in Cape Town. Many of the products there piqued my interest and I decided to buy a few of the sustainable items. Thus, my journey into creating an eco-friendly approach to everyday living started. 

I was an art student at the time and decided to base my final artworks around conservation and the cleaning of our oceans. I spiralled down a tunnel of research and discovered just how bad the issue is and what we as humans are leaving behind with our wasteful lifestyles. I started taking a more hands-on approach to try to make a difference. I encouraged friends to avoid single-use plastic, started my own small sustainable Instagram page, and even my own second-hand clothing store but it did not feel like enough. 

I then decided to created Honey Lemon to provide South Africans with a place to find all their sustainable and low-waste essentials.

Our Values

Our company strives to provide South Africa with high quality and trustworthy sustainable products. We believe that the process of sustainable and eco-friendly living starts with one person. We aim to help the community adopt an eco-friendly approach to everyday living.

One day we aim to be at the forefront of community upliftment and clean-up operations for our rivers and coastlines all around South Africa. We believe that the continuous growth of involvement and awareness will gradually lessen the impact of pollution and waste in South Africa and eventually reverse the damage we have already done, thus paving the future of a healthier, happier environment across our world for future generations to come.

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